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Elevate your space with flooring that sets the foundation for style and comfort.
Step into luxury, walk on quality, with our flooring expertise.
Elevate your space, one step at a time, with exquisite flooring.



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SAM’S FLOORS has been the leading supplier of flooring products and services in Austin, TX. Our customers are our number one priority, and we’re committed to helping them successfully complete their home renovations and repairs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional builder, we’ve got the supplies you need.

At SAM’S FLOORS, our professional team of experts are on hand to provide customers with creative ideas, recommendations and guidance. Our high-quality brands of flooring materials and supplies are reliable and affordable. It is very simple WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES just bring your quote from any other flooring store and we will save you money. Come in and see for your self.

Expert Craftsmanship

Mastery showcased through precise, skilled craftsmanship delivering exceptional quality results.

Innovative Designs

Inspiring creativity through cutting-edge designs that redefine boundaries of innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize exceeding expectations, ensuring utmost satisfaction with every interaction.


Dedicated Experts in Flooring

Since 2015, Sam’s Floors has helped the people to build, renovate, and repair their homes. We’ve consistently provided high-quality products and services, in addition to offering trusted advice and guidance. Our hands-on assistance with projects has also been reliable and top notch.

Our Solutions

Expert Flooring & Construction Solutions

Enhance spaces with timeless elegance through luxurious, durable wood floors.

Affordable, low-maintenance laminate floors offer style and durability.

Transform spaces with versatile, durable tiles in endless patterns and styles.

Plush, inviting carpets create cozy, comfortable spaces in your home.

Vinyl flooring for modern, easy-to-maintain home aesthetics.

Natural stone flooring elevates spaces with enduring beauty.

Your kitchen expert for ultimate functionality and style.

Our professional remodeling for enhanced comfort and style.

Refresh spaces with painting services for vibrant, personalized interiors.

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